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Wall Street Journal tries again to excuse black on white rape.

Facing criticism from their own readers, the Wall Street Journal again tried to downplay black on white rape on their website.

From Wall Street Journal…

Our chief substantive objection to the rape segment of the film is that Bodeker makes the assumption that interracial rapes are racially motivated, whereas the data do not speak to this question. In addition, Bodeker’s statistics are incomplete because they include only interracial rapes. As reader Amy Wombwell asks, “When is rape ever not a hate crime?”

The source of Bodeker’s numbers is Table 42 on page 30 of this Justice Department publication. In 2005, there were 111,490 “single offender” rapes and sexual assaults of whites nationwide. In 33.6% of those, the “perceived race” of the offender was black. That comes to a bit more than 37,000, consistent with Bodeker’s number.

Bodeker is correct that the statistics show white-on-black sexual assaults are vanishingly rare. The chart lists number of rapes and sexual assaults against black victims as 36,620, and it says that the perceived offender was black in a whopping “100.0%” of these cases and white in “0.0%” of them. That would put the number of white-on-black sexual assaults at somewhere between zero and 18, since 19 would round up to 0.1% of the total. (Bodeker’s figure of 10 seems to have come from a footnote that actually refers to sample size, but it is in the right range.)

But white-on-white sexual assaults are hardly uncommon. Of the 111,490 attacks against white victims, 44.5%, or nearly 50,000, were committed by white assailants. That means that in an assault involving a white victim, the assailant is more than one-third likelier to be white than black. White attackers also have a far higher propensity to select white victims than black attackers do.

It is true that blacks, who are less numerous than whites, commit a disproportionately high share of violent crimes, including sexual assaults. To present rape as a racial problem, however, is at best an example of the kind of disparate-impact logic that Bodeker rejects elsewhere in the film when it is used to depict blacks as victims of racism.

You can see how the Wall Street Journal deliberately distorts the facts. According the DOJ 2005 data, 55% of all white female rape victims were raped by a non-white. The WSJ conveniently omits this. The WSJ also conveniently omits that there are approximately five whites for every black in the US. When you plug the DOJ data into the 2006 US Census estimated figures you find that in 2005 blacks were 364% more likely to rape a white woman than white men!

Not counting murder, blacks committed 371,785 crimes of violence against other blacks where the race of the offender is known. They committed 550,627 crimes of violence against whites where the race of the offender is known.

Blacks committed significantly more crimes of violence against white people in 2005 than they committed against other blacks.

For the Wall Street Journal and the SPLC to claim that there is no evidence that blacks are targeting white people because of their race is simply absurd!