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Yet Another Student Beaten on Hazelwood MO Bus

Last Friday the 13th, a 15 year old white female student was beaten in the face by a 14 year old male student on her bus trip home from a Hazelwood school. The male student did not even belong on that bus. The victim’s parents were allowed to view the bus video but the district refuses to release the video even to police without a subpoena. What do you suppose they are trying to hide?

The victim’s mother describes the attack she saw on the surveillance tape and the girl’s injuries are shown in this television video. No description or name of the attacker is yet available.

Note the smiling school spokeswoman saying why they can’t release the bus video in this television report.,0,2406630.story

Some active discussion forums on this incident.

This says that the 14 year old male had a 15 year old female accomplice in bullying that was suspended but not arrested. Neither of them belonged on that bus.