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Black students go on rampage at Philadelphia High School, beat 26 Asian students.

Asian parents say their children are terrified to go back to school after 26 Asians were attacked and beaten at their majority black public school.

South Philadelphia High is 70% black and 20% Asian. Many required medical attention.

Most of the local media cited “racial tensions,” but did not mention the actual race of the attackers. The local AP affiliate broke rank and reported the racial makeup of the school and that the attackers were black. The local CBS station actually lied about the attackers claiming “the attackers were black and white.” The school is less than 5% white.

Philly district officials, who are mostly black, predictably said the attacks were “not racially motivated.” Whenever someone goes out of their way to claim an attack was not racially motivated, it’s always racially motivated.

South Philadelphia High has been labeled “persistently violent. Attendance dropped by 300 students following the 07-08 school year, which was it’s most violent in history.