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Black teens given only probation for particularly brutal racially motivated gang rape of a 15 year old white teen.

An Irish man working in Maryland took his 15 year old daughter to the home of some black teenage girls from school. When he came to pick her up, she was laying by the side of the road covered in injuries. Judge Stephen G. Salant, who is also president of the Jewish Law Society, blamed the 15 year old victim for “provocative” behavior and sentenced the monsters to only probation.


Boys showed up at the party. “They gave her ‘jungle juice’, 100 per cent grain alcohol,” Séamus T explains. Doctors at Shady Grove hospital later found Erin had almost three times the legal limit in her blood.

Three teenagers, then aged 16 and 17, planned the rape. One waited in the bathroom while the other two dragged Erin in. When the district attorney read through the medical report at a seven-hour hearing on September 30th, Erin’s family heard how the attackers tore flesh on three of the girl’s body orifices. She banged her head when she fell against the bath tub, and was covered in bruises.

Had the three young men not boasted of their crime, they would not have been identified, because Erin cannot remember the rape. They were arrested in late February, spent a couple of months in jail, and were freed pending the hearing.

Erin was taunted by other students, who accused her of “snitching”’ on the rapists. The girl was so traumatised that she slept with her mother or older sister until she went to live with relatives in Nevada, at her request.

The case shifted from adult to juvenile court, and Séamus T learned in September that two of the three rapists were back at Magruder High School. He filed a complaint with the board of education, and succeeded in having them transferred.

“My daughter was the only white kid at the party,” Séamus T says.