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Egypt shoots border jumpers.

The extreme left-wing says it is “racist” for the United States to even have border enforcement. Meanwhile the rest of the world is brutal to their illegal aliens.

From Time

Eritrean Yirgalam Beyene’s tired eyes swell with tears as she recalls the day her son was killed. One night in April 2008, Beyene found herself lying in the cold sand of Egypt’s vast Sinai desert, nervously eyeing the barbed-wired fence that separated her from her destination: Israel. Only a few hundred meters away, the fence along the border was low enough to jump. But Beyene, who was there with her three children and a group of some 20 asylum seekers from Eritrea, Darfur and southern Sudan, knew that before they reached the other side they would have to get past the armed Egyptian border police.

As the group approached the fence, recalls Beyene, she heard warning shouts from Egyptian border guards and then shots. Terrified, she kept running and jumped over the fence with her youngest son, 7-year-old Mulugeta. As she turned around, she saw that 21-year-old Iskender and his 3-year-old sibling Rosa, whom he was carrying on his back, had been shot. “I shouted for Iskender to jump over the fence and he did. That’s when the Israeli soldiers took them to hospital. After four days, my son died,” Beyene says. Rosa, who reveals a bullet-wound scar the size of a large coin on her right leg, looks on mutely. Her mother says she has hardly spoken since that night 18 months ago. (See pictures “The Look of Israel at 60.”)

Beyene is one of almost 17,000 people currently seeking asylum in Israel. Over the past two years, as routes to Europe through Libya and Morocco have closed off or become more difficult to traverse, thousands of migrants have headed to Israel. But the route, which usually takes them from the Horn of Africa through Egypt’s Sinai region and then across the border, has its own dangers. In Europe, coast-guard patrols might try to turn back boats full of refugees and asylum seekers, or detain people only to send them home later. The luckiest ones may end up being accepted for asylum and then dispatched around Europe.

In Egypt, the response can be more immediate. Nongovernmental organizations such as the Hotline for Migrant Workers and the African Refugee Development Center say that Egyptian border police have shot dead several hundred migrants seeking to cross the border into Israel for work and asylum over the past few years. “From both Israeli soldiers and refugees who crossed the border we can tell for sure that the Egyptians almost always shoot, they shoot to kill and very often they hit the asylum seekers,” says Sigal Rozen of Hotline, an independent group that helps asylum seekers in Israel. At the Israeli cemetery in Hazor, Rozen points to 25 graves marked “Anonymous.” “These were asylum seekers,” she says, “who were shot by the Egyptians and died from their wounds in Israel.”

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