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Gangster Rapper who attempted to massacre police officers photo with Al Sharpton

A vicious New york City rapper who attempted to massacre police officers in Times Square is seen in this photo with Al Sharpton.

Sharpton is holding a copy of the would be spree shooters CD. This would not be the first time Sharpton has been linked to extremist thugs. Sharpton “co-directed” a rally in Harlem with the New Black Panther Party in 1998. At the rally speakers urged violence against whites, police, and Jews. The rally was headlined by Khallid Muhammed, who’s speeches were so violent, Louis Farrakhan banned him from speaking at NOI mosques and events. When Muhammed died of a brain aneurysm a couple years after, Sharpton gave his family $10,000 to pay for the funeral.

In an online youtube memorial, hundreds of NYC blacks have posted messages praising the gangster rapper