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Jury "hopelessly deadlocked" over fate of "white supremacist" media darling and FBI stooge Hal Turner.

Hal Turner is a long time media darling who is usually described as a “major leader of the white supremacist movement.” The FBI has admitted that he was a paid asset. One source claims he grossed $100k from the FBI between 2003-2008. During this same time frame he was featured regularly on national television as a means to defame white conservative activists.

CNN and other major news outlets would parade Hal Turner out to make inflammatory comments. The media outlets would then try to make the claim that any white person who stands up for himself on racial issues is just like Hal Turner. The media would claim that Hal Turner had a large following, which appears to be a complete fabrication. Turner’s supporters appear to be a tiny network of loons that only existed online.

The media also called Turner a “radio shock jock.” In fact many in the current news coverage still call him a “radio shock jock.” Hal Turner has never hosted any AM or FM radio show in his life. He had an online broadcast that ran sporadically during the past ten years.

Earlier this year Hal Turner was arrested for allegedly threatening the lives of multiple Federal judges. Turner’s lawyers immediately disclosed that Turner is in fact a paid FBI asset. The FBI confirmed that Hal Turner had, in the past, been employed by the FBI for 1960’s “co-intel” style operations. In other words, Turner was paid by the FBI to make incendiary comments online and on television. These comments in turn have been used by the media to defame white conservatives.

Currently Hal Turner is waiting for a Federal jury to decide his fate on felony charges of threatening judges. Turner says he was simply following the orders of his FBI employers.

A new article in the Charleston Gazette claims that Turner grossed $100k for working for the FBI between 2003 and 2008. However, the Gazette says his involvement with the FBI goes all the way back to the 90’s following an arrest for cocaine.

Next time you see CNN or any other national news shows parading around some lowlife as a “leader of white people,” remember that these same media outlets paraded a paid FBI stooge around for years.

Charleston Gazette:

Incredibly, the FBI also paid Turner perhaps $100,000 as a secret informant about far-right extremist groups such as the neo-Nazi National Alliance, based in Pocahontas County. He came to West Virginia to meet leaders of the “hate group.”

While awaiting trial, Turner gave the Bergen Record large files of e-mails showing he had been employed by the FBI, supplying covert information about the National Alliance, Aryan Nations, skinheads and other extremists. The newspaper reported: “FBI memos indicate that the bureau had appropriated as much as $100,000 for Turner’s work as an informant.” The FBI gave him a code name, “Valhalla.” To gain inside information, the paper said, Turner attended a “National Alliance meeting in Elmwood Park [N.J.] and its leadership conference in West Virginia.”

As a federal prosecutor, Chris Christie, now Republican governor-elect of New Jersey, allegedly gave Turner a letter promising that he wouldn’t be charged. Christie refuses to discuss this allegation.

Jury “hopelessly deadlocked” says The Record (North Jersey)

Governor-elect Chris Christie was subpoenaed Tuesday to testify as a defense witness for an ultra-right-wing blogger, shock jock and former FBI operative from North Bergen who is on trial for allegedly threatening the lives of appeals court judges in Chicago.

Hal Turner, center, arrives at Brooklyn Federal Court in Cadman Plaza for the beginning of his trial. Turner is on trial for allegedly threatening to kill three federal judges.

Hal Turner’s defense attorney, Michael Orozco, said he hopes to question Christie about whether federal prosecutors in Newark made a blanket decision not to file charges against Turner after previous threatening statements on the radio or on his blog.

A spokesman for Christie, who oversaw the federal prosecutors as U.S. Attorney, confirmed he had received the subpoena, but declined comment.

Turner claims the FBI coached him on how far he could go with provocative rhetoric on his radio show and blog and that previous threats were never prosecuted. The FBI and federal prosecutors have declined comment, but documents reviewed by The Record show repeated attempts by the FBI to admonish Turner.