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Karl Rove & Bill O'Reilly: Obama's newest BFF's

Remember when Obama said “I go in, troops come now?” Surprise! Barack Obama and ex-Bush neo-cons have now formed a united pro-war front.

Karl Rove: President Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday night deserves to be cheered. Over the objections of his vice president and despite opposition from his political base, the president is sending an additional 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to fight terrorists.

Watch Bill O’Reilly chastise an anti-war Democrat for disagreeing with Obama on the war.

[youtube kDqNneg-184]

Past Empires who failed to subdue Afghanistan:

The British Empire: Anglo-Afghan wars (fought 1839–42, 1878–80, and lastly in 1919)

The British found that they could win battle after battle in Afghanistan but never really conquer it.

The Soviet Union: 1979-1988

With covert help from the US, Pakistan, and to a lesser degree Israel and Egypt, the Afghans eventually cause the Soviet Union to withdraw in humiliation.

Since Obama authorized bombing attacks on targets in Pakistan on his second day in office, Pakistan has been greatly destabilized. Each time the US bombs a target, the Taliban holds a rally at the site of the bombing and recruits hundreds of new guerrilla fighters.