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Liberals go ballistic over "Obamaville" sign.

Lefties pulled their hair and rended their garments over a large sign at a tent city for homeless people. The sign reads “Obamaville: Colorado’s Fastest Growing Community.”

A local Colorado news station KRDO outed Spencer Swann of Colorado Canyon Signs for making the sign for an unknown client. Swann, however says he has received 100 supportive phone calls and no negative ones since the media “outing.”

Tent cities are rapidly growing in the United States.

From American Thinker

Does this sound familiar? It hardly seems a coincidence that the sign was strung up within sight of the ubiquitous American Recovery and Reinvestment Act sign touting the wasteful disbursement of U.S. tax dollars on pet projects and boondoggles lavished upon Democrat Friends of B.O. While the Obama administration focuses on saving or creating jobs like the 3 jobs rescued for Clinton pollster Mark Penn at the cost of $6 million, the unemployment rate remains above 10% for those who even bother to try to find work in the eviscerated American business landscape.

Media coverage of the tent-city phenomena was all the rage back in March when Oprah Winfrey featured a Lisa Ling profile of the burgeoning Obamavilles. Of course Hope and Change remained in the air during the opening months of the new administration and the time was still ripe to blame Bush for the misery.

A trillions dollars later, it’s a B.O. problem and the party-of-government media has forgotten all about the Obamavilles. While the Obamas jet back and forth from Scandanavia garnering Nobel loot and posing greenly for the Gropenhagen climate conference, many Americans will spend Christmas living in tents or their automobiles.