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Mexican Drug Gangs Killed 7,000 in 2009

From UK Daily Mail

Drug gang hitmen shot dead the grieving family of an elite Mexican marine who died after taking part in a raid that killed a notorious drug lord.

Gunmen armed with assault rifles burst into the family’s home in Quintin Arauz in the southern state of Tabasco on Monday, killing the serviceman’s mother, brother, sister and aunt.

It appeared to be a revenge attack for a Mexican navy operation last week that killed the boss of a major drug cartel, Arturo Beltran Leyva.

Despite the deployment of 49,000 troops across Mexico, broad daylight shootings are common and killings by drug gangs have soared to a record of well above 7,000 this year.

Torture, decapitations and other atrocities have become common.

The rising bloodshed has alarmed the U.S. government and hurt Mexico’s image as a relatively stable destination for foreign investors and tourists.