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Quadruple cop killer easily found support in Seattle's black community.

When a black thug brutally murdered four white police officers in Oakland earlier this year, many blacks called him a hero. About 100 people, all black, marched in a parade honoring the cop killer. Many chanted “black power” and called the killer a hero.

[youtube b2jZI1nn9qo]

Illiterate black gangbangers praise Oakland cop killer. Call white white policemen an “occupying army.”

[youtube e6QKcARdl2w]

We are now finding out that after slaughtering four police officers in cold blood, the Seattle cop killer easily found supporters in Seattle’s black community. Four have been arrested for harboring him and more arrests are expected.


Four people accused of helping the suspected gunman in the killing of four Lakewood police officers in a Parkland coffee shop evade police have been arrested.

Four were booked into the Pierce County Jail on Monday and early Tuesday for investigation of rendering criminal assistance on four counts of first-degree murder. They are Rickey Hinton, Eddie Lee Davis, Douglas Edward Davis and Darcus Allen.

In court Tuesday, Eddie Davis and Douglas Davis both pleaded not guilty. Judge Bryan Chushcoff set bail for Eddie Davis at $700,000 and bail for Douglas Davis at $500,000.

Clemmons’ half brother, Rickey Hinton, has not been charged yet, but has been booked into jail for investigation of rendering criminal assistance. Chushcoff set his bail at $2 million.

Allen, who was booked late Tuesday afternoon, has not appeared in court. He is being held for investigation of four counts of rendering criminal assistant and one count of making false statements to investigators.