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Radical SPLC campaigns against Polish Catholic on DC Holocaust Museum Board.

The SPLC is keeping up with its radical campaign to get academics fired from jobs when it disagrees with them.

Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz is a Polish born historian specializing in modern central European history, WWII, and the Jewish Holocaust. In 2005, he was appointed to serve on the US Holocaust Memorial Council by the Bush administration.

Currently the anti-free speech far left SPLC is campaigning against Chodakiewicz. The SPLC has a history of virulent anti-Catholic bigotry and it seems their main complaint is that Chodakiewicz is a Catholic and has the audacity to stick up for Polish Catholics.

When other historians suggest that Catholic Polish nationalists killed Jews during and after WWII, Chodakiewicz agrees. He has even written books about it. However, Chodakiewicz points out that the Jews killed by Polish nationalists were mostly Soviet backed guerrilla fighters. He says that a much larger number of Catholic Poles were killed by these Jewish guerrillas than visa versa.

Chodakiewicz is not alone in this claim. By the SPLC’s own admission, this view is widely agreed upon in Polish academia.

The SPLC railed against Chodakiewicz and has published accusations that he is a “holocaust denier” and “anti-semite.” The SPLC recruited far-left Princeton professor Jan T. Gross, who has a Polish background, to denounce Chodakiewicz. Gross calls him an “ideologist of the radical right” and accuses him of “Catholic anti-semitism.” Gross makes it obvious that his dislike of Chodakiewicz is his conservative politics and his Catholic religion.

The SPLC also attacks Chodakiewicz for describing himself as “conservative,” opposing the radical homosexual agenda, supporting Ron Paul, and calling Barack Obama a “communist.” So we see why the SPLC really hates him. They simply hate Christians, especially Catholics, and anyone who is politically to the right of center.

The SPLC also attacks Chodakiewicz for wanting to add exhibits to the Holocaust museum about the suffering of Poles during WWII. The SPLC actually seems to suggest that only Jewish suffering should be allowed to be discussed in the taxpayer financed DC museum.