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Welcome to Cairo, world leader in recycling and energy efficiency.

There was actually a documentary on the taxpayer subsidized left-wing network PBS recently that hailed Cairo as a world leader in recycling and energy efficiency. This documentary said that by packing into high rise apartments like cockroaches and saving “valuable” garbage in piles on the rooftops, Egypts were ahead of the curve in “green” living.

This is what Cairo actually looks like. Now Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama would never live like this. Just like Gore flies in a private jet to speaking engagements to tell crowds about the evils of driving cars, the left-wing elites have no intention of living like this themselves. However, they wholeheartedly want YOU to live like this.

A reader sent us this message: What you haven’t mentioned in the article is that these Cairo quarters are populated by Egypt’s Christians who are discriminated against in workplace and thus are left no choice but to collect the rubbish.