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Radical pro-Obama, pro-Muslim Al Jazeera airs attack piece on CofCC on international news network.

The UAE based international cable news network Al Jazeera featured an attack piece on the CofCC. Al Jazeera purchased interviews with CofCC members from an independent documentary maker. The network starts the segment by showing skinheads and neo-nazi with “estimated membership figures” that are astronomically higher than reality. It then talks about the CofCC off and on for the last nine minutes of the segment.

Notice that Al Jazeera mutes one of the interviews and a narrator purports to tell you what the CofCC member is saying. Al Jazeera was so desperate to try to make us look bad that they had to invent fictional quotes and mute what the member is actually saying.

CofCC members Brian Pace and John Meadows were interviewed for three hours. Yet the best Al Jazeera could come up with is to show Pace with the mute button on and make fictional comments on his behalf. This is the kind of reporting that is done on the Daily Show with John Stewart. However on the Daily Show it is supposed to be a joke. Al Jazeera actually claims to be a serious “balanced” international news network.

Also notice that Al Jazeera invents a fake name for the Citizens Councils of America. Several CofCC national directors are former members of the Citizens Councils of America. However, Al Jazeera calls it “White Citizens Council.” There was never an organization called the “White Citizens Council.”

Over the past two years Al Jazeera, who claims to be more balanced than CNN or BBC, has produced segments on Obama that are so over the top one sided in favor of Obama that they would make the producers at CBS and MSNBC laugh.

If you watch the entire clip, notice the Al Jazeera anchor woman says “in 2009 there were nine high profile racial killings in the US.” Only nine!!!!! Hundreds and hundreds of white people were murdered last year by blacks and other non-whites. In a large percentage of these killings the victims were targeted solely because of their race or even beaten while attackers yelled anti-white slurs! In 2005 alone the U.S. Dept. of Justice estimates over 34,460 White Women are assaulted or raped by Black Males every year. The number of Black Female rapes by White Men is statistically 0 because they have fewer than 10 cases yearly.

The segment on the CofCC starts at minute mark 16:40.

[youtube AXFuZwqGrCU]

Laura Flanders interviews a CofCC member on DISH Network channel 9450. Notice how she takes a clip of an Al Jazeera moderator speaking on behalf of CofCC chapter leader Brian Pace. You don’t actually hear Pace, you hear a narrator allegedly describe what Pace is saying. Laura Flanders then acts like those were Pace’s real words, when they were not. The CofCC member being interviewed doesn’t fall for her trap so she then starts insinuating that CofCC members are secretly “nazis.”