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America's slave decendants living in Liberia.

Liberia was founded by the American re-colonization society as a place for freed Negro slaves to repatriate back to Africa. It is the oldest self-ruled Negro Republic in Africa, becoming independent in 1847. It was built with money from white philanthropists in the US and protected by the United States army. The name means “Liberty.” The capitol Monrovia, is named after US president Monroe.

Today, Liberia receives massive amounts of money from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations every year. White charities send money each year and white churches send missions to aid the Liberians. Pretty much, just like Haiti.

As you can see from this video, Liberia today is not much different than Haiti. Pay close attention to the segment about Heroin. Liberia is a center of the diamond trade, both legal and illegal. However, the men use money from the diamonds to buy high dollar drugs like Heroin and Cocaine rather than use it to improve their living conditions.

WARNING: The video below contains lots of profanity and disturbing images.

[youtube QQSjyYRTDVM]

[youtube hTUw0vKksGc]

Next time you see a professional race hustler like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson claiming blacks are mistreated in the US, remember that black people are astronomically better off in the US than any black people anywhere in the world. A black woman on welfare in the United States lives like a queen compared to her fellow Negroes in Africa, Brazil, or Haiti. Sharpton and Jackson should be thanking white people for their generosity. If Jackson and Sharpton want to improve the conditions of American Negroes, they should be telling their people to stop committing crimes, do their homework in school, and have better work ethic in the workplace.

When you think about the “African-American” thug/hip-hop/gangsta/ghetto cultures in the United States, where do you think it is leading? In 90%+ black Detroit, Michigan the last big box grocery store closed down. Violence and theft has made it impossible for these stores to survive, creating a sprawling third world like environment right in America’s heartland. The black population of Detroit now survives on millions upon millions of Federal and state handouts, as well as white charities. Sound familiar? What will Detroit look like in fifty more years on it’s current path. Haiti and Liberia maybe?