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Beck, Limbaugh, Newsweek discuss mass cheating by radical left in MA Senate race.

With so much at stake over the MA Senate race, widespread ACORN style fraud is expected.

Rush Limbaugh

LIMBAUGH: I saw this mentioned too in other polling results earlier today, and I — there’s a little blog out there, A.J. Strata, that I was checking out, and this — I think this is a good indication. Coakley is down by 16 percent in absentee voting. Now, in many states, absentee voting pretty much tracks with day of vote — voting. It’s really not that much different in most states. Now in some states and in some precincts, some counties run by the Democrats, they’ll hold out and see how many votes they need to win a certain election. And they’ll make some — play some games with voter registration and absentees. But RealClearPolitics is reporting nine percent of Massachusetts voters who voted absentee, which ended a couple of days ago, Brown is winning 58-42, or 16 percent. That’s right in line with computations which indicate that Coakley could lose by as much as 10 percent, depending on who is energized to get out and vote. So if absentee voting is any indication of intensity, and it is — by definition it is — then by this measure, Coakley is toast. [The Rush Limbaugh Show 1/18/10]

Newsweek Magazine

“Actual vote stealing will occur” on Tuesday, [Wall Street Journal columnist John] Fund told Newsmax. But he expects it will be reduced “because ACORN is discredited and adrift and there are serious anti-fraud efforts being mounted.”


“They’re very much aware of how to stuff ballot boxes,” [ associate editor Noel] Sheppard said. “They obviously know how to play the game. They obviously stole the [Al] Franken seat several months ago.”

“One of the scary things” about the election is that getting the most votes may not be enough to win the race, Sheppard said.

“I think Brown’s going to have to win by a good 3 percent of the vote, or else we’re getting into a Franken-type situation, and we’ll be recounting votes for God knows how long. And obviously that benefits the Democrats,” he told Newsmax. [ 1/18/10]

Glenn Beck

Beck: “Well, the fat lady has not sung, and this is a very fat lady. It’s ACORN, it’s the Working Families Party, it is the progressive movement. They will lie, cheat, and steal their way through anything. But it looks like Brown may be a winner. If there’s a big turnout today, Brown may be the winner in Massachusetts. Everyone is predicting this. I’m not going to predict anything until it’s over.” [Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Program 1/19/10]