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Black History Month 2010 is about to begin. Watch out for even worse slander against whites this year than ever before. News Team

Each year the public schools, the Universities, the television media, and the newspapers all celebrate “Black History Month,” by reciting completely false claims which are nothing short of “Afro-Mythology.”

Most of what is propagandized to the American public, especially America’s youth, is that members of the Negro race invented a large number of very important technologies for modern society. In reality, blacks living in the United States are only the beneficiaries of these technologies. Never the inventors.

This trend started several decades ago with claims that black scientists invented peanut butter and the “hydrostatic” lubricator for steam engines. Today it has expanded to include claims that black scientists invented heart surgery, the refrigerator, and co-invented the light bulb with Thomas Edison. These claims are not only 100% completely false, but they are easy to prove false.

A simple search on yahoo can prove most of the Black History mythologies false in a matter of minutes. Yet each year, the fraudulent claims increase. This year is going to be more malicious than ever with new claims that black scientists invented the cell phone, laser eye surgery, and designed Washington DC.

These outlandish fictional claims are tantamount to slander and libel against the white scientists and engineers who really invented or developed these things.

There is an online database that looks at all the Afro-mythology claims and debunks them with the facts. Everyone should visit, read, and bookmark this website.

Black Invention Myths.

The CofCC encourages all Americans to arm themselves with the facts and be prepared to challenge these fictional claims whenever you hear them. We especially encourage all students to take a stand in the classroom against these slanders. When a teacher makes one of these outlandish claims, raise your hand and demand to knows names and details. Tell them who the real inventor was.

Most of your school teachers don’t even know they are spouting complete fabrications. They are just reciting what they have been told by others. Some of your liberal arts college professors, however, are more malicious. Many know these claims are bogus, but are so committed to the cult of multiculturalism they propagandize them anyway. So dedicated to their cause of “celebrating diversity” that they justify bearing false witness. will be exposing many of these ludicrous Black History Month falsehoods in greater detail for the duration of February, 2010.