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CIA's hand picked president of Pakistan turns out to be a real winner.

Asif Ali Zardari is the “pro-West” Pakistani politician that became president of Pakistan with help from and meddling from the US government. Zardari has a scandalous past that includes prison time.

Since taking office Pakistan has been destabilized by civil war. The Obama administration has given Billions in military aid to the Pakistani government.

It has now been made public that the US hand picked president practiced daily ritual animal sacrifice.

The United States has a history of helping foreign leaders acquire or stay in power, only to be embarrassed by them later. The list includes  Saddam Hussein, and Manuel Noriega both of whom were eventually forcibly removed from power by the US Army.

From UK Guardian…

Swamped by court challenges and under pressure from a hostile army, Pakistan’s president, Asif Ali Zardari, has found solace in an unusual form – the ritual slaughter of goats.

Zardari has a black goat killed every day at his Islamabad house to ward off “evil eyes” and protect himself against “black magic”, according to a report in Dawn, Pakistan’s paper of record.

Spokesman Farhatullah Babar confirmed the president practises sadiqa, or the sacrifice of an animal whose meat is distributed among the poor. “I have seen it been done. Not exactly every day, but quite often, yes,” he told the Guardian.

But he denied its purpose was to fend off malevolent spirits. “The main belief is that this practice invokes the pleasure of God. The corollary is that bad things will not happen, of course, but that’s a matter of interpretation,” he said.

He added that Zardari’s wife, Benazir Bhutto, performed sadiqa regularly after returning to Pakistan in late 2007, a few months before she was killed in a suicide attack.

The goat revelations provide fresh meat for Zardari’s many enemies. With sections of the media and military openly arrayed against him, the president’s popularity ratings have plunged to the low teens.

Last week, long-standing corruption allegations resurfaced in the supreme court, where rivals appear to be preparing a legal attempt to oust him from office.