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East TN CofCC leader William Tucker passed away.

We encourage everyone to join together in remembrance of East Tennessee Council Of Conservative Citizens Director William Tucker who passed away during the New Year Holiday. William Tucker was a young conservative patriot who dedicated his life to fighting in the Conservative and Patriot Movement. He was very successful in business and brought a massive amount of talent to the Council Of Conservative Citizens. His work on Council Entertainment resulted in the production of Wayne Troutt CD’s that have sold very well in the Conservative Movement. He was also very involved in internet activism and marketing the C Of CC in newspaper and in other ways. He was also involved in organizing Celt Fest that took place in East Tennessee. It would take days or weeks to mention all of the accomplishment he made for the C Of CC and the overall Paleo Conservative Movement. Please join with us in remembrance of William Tucker who has passed away. He will be missed in our movement and will never be replaced. We hope and pray that others in East Tennessee will now pick up the flag and carry on the legacy of William Tucker. His shoes will never be able to be filled. We as the Council Of Conservative Citizens can only hope to spend this year working on projects that would make him proud.

William Tucker is standing on the left in the following photo.