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Florida CofCC works crowd at TEA Party

Members of the Florida West Coast chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens gathered January 16, 10 with other concerned Americans, veterans and grass-root members, filling the down town Inverness area and streets around the Old Court House. From a distance, the event could have been mistaken for another Inverness festival as attendees circled full public parking lots trying to find an empty space. It wasn’t a festival, however, that brought the crowds, it was a tea party rally that had conservative voters out wearing Fair Tax T-shirts and displaying anti-Obama signs.

During the event several Republicans running for office made appearances. Marco Rubio, 38, who is running against Gov. Charley Crist for a spot in the U.S. Senate. There were approximately 4500 (conservatively) attendees. Council members passed out 2 boxes of THE CITIZENS INFORMER newspaper, and 250 Council business cards.