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Relief efforts delayed as Haitians attack distribution points, refuse to help unload planes and trucks.

This must be what the Huffington Post called “queuing for aid” in their attack piece on Aid convoys must have armed escorts as Haitians fight each other to get the most aid. Even blocking exits with piles of dead bodies to block aid trucks from getting to neighboring towns.

Another shocking development is the refusal of Haitians to help unload their own aid from planes and trucks. The US military is telling private charities and foreign governments they must bring their own work crews and Haitians are refusing to do it. A big story yesterday was about United Airlines flying 60 Chicago volunteers to Haiti to unload planes. It’s unbelievable that in a nation of ten million, white people from Chicago have to be flown all the way to Haiti to unload the planes.

Whenever Haitians are asked to unload anything, they grab as much stuff as they can and run away. In many cases, armed and masked UN soldiers have to hold Haitian thugs back at gun point while UN workers unload trucks.

After the massive tsunami in Southeast Asia, none of the absurd behavior seen in Haiti went on. That disaster was much, much bigger and spread across numerous nations.

[youtube UOR0_moyzho]

Haiti was born of extreme violence. Between 1791 and 1804 all of Haiti’s whites, Mulattoes, and Amerindians were slaughtered in horrifying ways. All non-full blooded Negroes were killed. When Napoleon decided to pull his troops from the Caribbean, it became the only self-ruled Negro “Republic” in the world. Today it is the oldest self-ruled Negro Republic.  Haiti has produced little save for violence and despair since the French left in 1804. It survives on handouts from white nations and white charities.

Today, we see some of the worst behavior from Haiti ever.  While the international community is trying to provide for everyone, the largest and strongest men are seen taking it all. Women, children, and smaller men are pushed aside or even beaten with clubs. Violence it seems is in the Haitian’s genes.