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Huffington Post accuses "media" of giving this website ammunition.

Today the Huffington Post dedicated an entire column to attacking’s coverage of the Haitian earthquake. Column blames the “media” for not covering up the poor behavior of the Haitian people.

From Huffington Post…

Media images of violence and rioting attract far more eyeballs than images of people quietly queuing up for provisions. So the American news media have produced a lot of them. But do they really reflect what is going on among the majority of the 1.5 million displaced people in Haiti? The C of CC latched on to some of these images as evidence that all of their members’ racist assumptions are being proven on the ground in Haiti. It really shows you the power of corporate media to frame a news event (inadvertently while seeking ratings) in terms amenable to the views of white supremacists.

This excerpt is laugh out loud funny! First it appears to demand that the media censor the bad behavior of Haitians. Then the left-wing nut case wants you to imagine that somewhere, somehow, Haitians are queuing up nicely like good Englishmen and patiently waiting for their food and water. The “mainstream media” according to the author needs to go out and more vigorously hunt for better behaved Haitians to photograph to thwart evil “racist” sites like

The Huffington Post column is full of the typical left-wing name-calling. It says that is “holding a hate-fest” over the death toll of 200k Haitians. [The Red Cross currently places it at 50k.] It also says that George W. Bush is a “CofCC hero.”

Of course the author would never debate us on the facts. Heck he doesn’t even mention any facts in his article. It is just crude sophomoric name calling.

The Huffington Post, widely reported as a leading online news site, mentions the CofCC by name on a regular basis. However this is the first column entirely dedicated to the CofCC. This demonstrates that is growing in prominence and reaching more people then ever. If we weren’t making any headway, the far-left wouldn’t bother to talk about us.