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Immigrant riots grow worse in Europe. Negros riot in Italy.

Photo: Hundreds of Negro immigrants from Africa riot in an Italian city. Battling police, attacking whites, and setting fires.

Hundreds of African immigrants, mostly illegals, rioted in the southern Italian town of Rosarno and attacked whites at random. Mirroring race riots that have been occurring for years in England, France, Belgium, Portugal, and other countries.

At least 18 police officers and 14 other Italians have been wounded in attacks by the rioters. Rosarno has a population of only 15,000, but immigrants have turned shuttered factories into illegal migrant labor camps in the town.

The international media is, of course, blaming white “racism.” According to the UK Daily Mail, four African immigrants were lightly bruised by some Italian teens with BB guns. In the eyes of the far-left British media, this somehow justifies wanton violence, mayhem, and arson by hundreds of Negro immigrants.

Never-mind the fact that non-white immigrants commit heinous crimes against Italians every day.

Some Italians apparently fought back. As mobs and club wielding Africans charged down streets smashing store fronts, setting fires and looting, it appears that many Italians blocked streets and drove the rioters back.

Notice the video of the illegal immigrant squatter camps in Italy. A piece of 3rd world Africa.

[youtube HGhpdasbnPw]