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Judge orders Obama BFF Kwame to pay $319K or go back to jail.

From AP…

DETROIT — Kwame Kilpatrick lost his job as Detroit’s mayor and his freedom, in part, for telling lies.

A judge on Wednesday called Kilpatrick deceitful and self-serving while ordering him to come up with more than $300,000 for restitution to the city within 90 days or possibly face a return to jail.

“We are here because you committed perjury,” Wayne County Circuit Court Judge David Groner told Kilpatrick. “You pled guilty and you agreed to pay $1 million in restitution, but you have not been responsible in paying it. You have not been credible in this courtroom and you, again, have not been honest to the city of Detroit.”

The ruling is the latest legal setback for the convicted felon and one-time leader of the financially struggling city.

Perjury charges related to a text-messaging sex scandal and 2007 whistle-blowers’ trial led to his 2008 guilty plea to obstruction of justice and no contest plea to assault.

As part of the deal with prosecutors, Kilpatrick resigned and agreed to pay the city $1 million. He also served 99 days in jail.

Kwame Kilpatrick Cartoon.

[youtube u0Hx36d9k-A]

While the rest of the Democratic party was running from Kwame, Barack Obama stood by him and continued to heap praise on the disgraced mayor. (So much for Obama’s “lengthy collaboration with Kwame.”)

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