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Mexican thug released back on the streets kills father of two.

Six years ago Santos Rodriguez was involved in a shootout with police at age 16. This violent animal was never even charged with a crime. Rodriguez was shot in the head by return fire. Prosecutors claimed that his head injury made him unfit to stand trial.

However Santo’s injury did not hamper his ability to continue a life of violent crime.

Santos and his brother Orlando robbed a gas station while drunk and killed a father of two on a motorcycle while fleeing the scene. The killing occurred during the commission of two different serious crime, robbery and DUI. However they are only being charged with vehicular homicide instead of 2nd degree murder.

Lawyers claim that both brothers are mentally unsuitable to stand trial! Orlando has already been deemed “incompetent” and Santos is being evaluated. These vicious monsters could very well be released back into society (for Santos the second time), to commit more heinous acts in the future.

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