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Missouri's recent "Castle Law" empowers citizens, saves lives.

About 20 US states, as well as Italy and Ireland have passed so-called “castle laws.” Based on the saying, “a man’s home is his castle,” these laws say that a person has a right to “stand their ground” in their own home and use lethal force to stop an intruder.

Each state is different, with some states extending this protection outside of the home. Some states also offer protection against civil lawsuits.

In Texas and Israel however, a person has a right to use lethal force to defend their property. In Texas a man was cleared in the front yard shooting of two black illegal aliens who were burglarizing his neighbor’s house. The homeowner received widespread praise in Texas and around the nation on talk radio. In Israel, the so-called “Dromi Doctrine” is named after an Israeli farmer who shot and killed three men trying to steal his cattle.

A case in Missouri has opened up a major debate on the right to defend property, with many coming to the defense of the homeowner.

On Dec. 27th a middle aged black man shot and killed an 18 year old black thug who was stealing his pickup truck. Had the homeowner been white, the NAACP would be marching and there would be vicious denunciations of “racism” by the media. Since the man defending his car was black it has allowed for a calmer debate. The man also had an outstanding old warrant. Police arrested him on the outstanding warrant, but have still not filed any charges over the shooting.

Read More about shooting here.

Would you support a “use of force to defend property” law, like Texas and Israel have, in your state?

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