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Most absurd Rachel Maddow Segment Ever!

This segment demonstrates why far-left lesbian commentator Rachel Maddow has lost almost half of MSNBC’s 9:00 PM viewers in the past year.

Pat Robertson refers to the “Haitian Pact with the Devil.” While Robertson could have better clarified what he was talking about, this is a common name for a real historical event in Haiti. The so-called “pact with the devil,” refers to an event in 1791 that historians call a catalyst for the Haitian Revolution. Voodoo priestess Dutty Boukman led a large group of Haitian slaves in sacrificing a pig and swearing an oath together to fight against the French. Days later Boukman’s followers began a violent rampage.

Maddow mocks the comments by Pat Robertson, and promotes the absurd notion that the violent mass murder of whites and Mulattoes in Haiti was some kind of noble slave revolt.

In fact the French government had already passed legislation to free all of Haiti’s slaves before the mass killings began. Within one year of Boukman’s revolt the French government passed legislation calling for the phasing out of slavery in its colonies. In 1793 much of Haiti’s slaves were formerly freed by French leaders on the Island. In 1794 the French government freed all of its slaves in all its colonies.

However the Haitians continued to fight the French and commit atrocities against the white and Mulatto population for eight more years. Napoleon eventually abandoned the island, because he needed the troops in Europe. Tens of thousands of white and Mulatto civilians had been slaughtered and the rest had fled the island. Most of them coming to New Orleans.

In order to gain French recognition of its independence the newly formed black Haitian government agreed to pay reparations for the slaughter of French citizens.

Second Half of Maddow segment.

Maddow then brings out the Haitian ambassador and the segment gets even more loony. The Haitian ambassador asserts the insane notion the US owes the Louisiana purchase to the Haitians. In fact, the Louisiana Purchase came about as a result of the Napoleonic wars in Europe and had absolutely zero to do with the Haitians.

The only impact on US history that Haiti had was to make Americans extremely fearful of what freed black slaves would do in the US. This hurt anti-slavery movements in the US and delayed the freeing of America’s slaves by many decades. It also contributed to the US civil war. While most of the nation favored a gradual emancipation and recolonization back to Africa, northern industrialists who financed Lincoln wanted to use former slaves as a cheap source of factory labor.

However, the ambassador doesn’t stop there. The ambassador states “what pact the Haitian has made with the devil has helped the United States become what it is.” So the ambassador seems to believe that Haitians do have a pact with the devil! At this point Maddow goes back into a tirade against Robertson for his “pact with the devil comments,” yet ignores that the Haitian ambassador just said the same thing.

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