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Obama plans to flood US with Haitians.

The Obama administration plans to use the earthquake as an excuse to bring tens of thousands of Haitians to the United States.

From Sun-Sentinel…

South Florida School brace for Haitian influx.

The Miami-Dade school district has already drawn up a specific plan, which includes:

-Establishing three different locations for students needing to attend school. Children will be screened and tested, and given age-appropriate lessons in Haitian Creole. They’ll also have access to psychological and support services.

-Readying 320 traditional schools for any new students who may show up for classes.

The school district will also consider creating an off-shore school for children affected by the tragedy. A site could be set up on the Guantánamo Bay Naval Base or possibly in the Dominican Republic, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho said.

“We’re well prepared for this,” Carvalho said, noting the district had to set up emergency schooling sites during Hurricane Andrewin 1992 and the Mariel Boatlift in 1980. “These are waters that we’ve traveled before.”

In Broward, Schools Superintendent Jim Notter said the district is “tactically preparing” by looking at schools that have high populations of Haitian-American students and figuring out how much space they have.

He has asked area superintendents to pull information on the empty seats at those schools and calculate what they would need if all that space got filled: how many teachers, textbooks, supplies and other materials.


Plans to bring 45,000 Haitians to US underway.

Thousands of Haitian earthquake survivors could soon be calling Central Florida home. The American Red Cross says there is a plan to bring as many as 45,000 evacuees from Haiti to Florida, and 4,000 of those refugees could be placed in Orange County.

However, Orange County Mayor Rich Crotty says he has some concerns with the plan. When the Haitians arrive, the county, the city and possibly other area communities will have to scramble to figure out where to put the earthquake victims and it will be a tough challenge.