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SPLC declares southern cooking to be offensive to Negroes.

“Soul Food” deemed racism by SPLC. Denver School System begs for forgiveness.

The SPLC is a fund raising hustle that rakes in tens of millions a year by discovering new forms of racism. They have been exposed as con artists by major newspapers and magazines and have been denounced as a fraud by even leading left-wingers. The SPLC has been the subject of an expose’ by left-wing author Ken Silverstein in the pages of Harper’s Magazine. A magazine held in great esteem by the left-wing. They have been lampooned as con men by liberal comedian Steven Colbert on his Comedy Central tv show.

The SPLC was founded by Morris Dees, who had previously served as chief fund-raising director for Ted Kennedy, and other left-wing democrats. In other words, he is a professional at getting left-wings to donate lots of money to his causes.

The Denver School System is being made to scrap plans to serve a traditional southern meal in honor of MLK day. Jennifer Holladay, a radical far-left nut case with deep ties to the SPLC, thinks southern cooking is offensive. She says is caricatures Negroes.

Lecia Brooks, a current SPLC “interim director” says she agrees. Now the Denver School System is groveling for forgiveness for an absurd make believe slight.

The meal being served was to include southern style chicken and collard greens. A meal that was long a staple of both black and white families in the South and other parts of the nation. Growing up in the deep south, MLK probably ate fried chicken and collard greens often.

The real story here is that the SPLC can no longer even find any real cases of black people actually being mistreated by whites. They have to invent completely obnoxious fictional slights like this!