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US 82nd Airborne shocked by ingratitude of Haitians. Forced to use free food as an incentive for the Haitians to behave.

Nothing like this even remotely happened in the area of Southeast Asia hit by the tsunami, and that was a much bigger disaster which hit mostly third world areas. In Haiti heavily armed troops with tanks are now being used to distribute food and water due to the violence that erupts whenever free stuff is given out.

The problem of Haitians beating each other has gotten so bad that the 82nd Army has been forced to withhold food as punishment for “bad behavior” in one camp.

Officers of the 82nd airborne say they are shocked by the ingratitude of the Haitians. Some have smashed UN issued high energy biscuits and used their free bottles of water to pelt US soldiers. All while demanding better handouts. (By the way, in Haiti, eating dirt is common.)

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