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Vicious monster served 18 days for nearly fatal racially motivated attack.

Two vicious black thug brutally beat a white female victim so bad that she died twice on the operating table.

The 36 year old victim, picked at random, suffered 20 lost teeth and suffered massive head injuries. Jennifer Hall and her boyfriend were attacked from behind by the two thugs after celebrating her birthday.

The bloodthirsty thug, Derrick King, is a career criminal. Thanks to a plea bargain and an early release program he served 18 days in prison for leaving Jennifer Hall permanently disfigured.

One day after being released from prison, the perp threatened another woman with violence at the same location!

Derrick King is like a dog with rabies. Instead of being charged with attempted murder for permanently maiming a lady, he was slapped on the wrist and served a comical 18 days in prison. Less time than most people serve for non-payment of pay child support.

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Can you imagine if the races were reversed in this case? This would be the single biggest news story in the country. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson would be joined by president Obama himself to march in the streets.