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$5-$6 Billion a year for "Peace" and this is what we get.

The United States gives military aid to Israel, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority. The reason for this money is to “ensure peace” in the Middle East.

In 2006 Israel got $2.5 Billion, Egypt got $1.8 Billion, Jordan got $.5 Billion, and the Palestinian Authority got $150 million. These numbers are going up. Jordan is slated to get almost $.7 Billion in 2010 and the Palestinian Authority(PA) is up to about half a billion.

One half of the entire budget of the Egyptian military is paid by the US taxpayers (and US loans from China).

This figure does not even include all the bonus money we give these nations that is not even in the budget. During past conflicts Israel has netted several Billion more when they are bombing someone, even though the money is supposed to be to “ensure peace.”

The US demanded that the PA allow open elections in Gaza to get their money. They did. Hamas won. Then the US upped the PA funding to fight a civil war against Hamas! However the PA does a poor job guarding their stockpiles of US equipment and now Hamas has large quantities of captured US M-16s and body armor.

Now the Israel intelligence community killed a Hamas leader in an upscale Dubai hotel. Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, far outside of the Israel sphere of influence. The attackers used EU country passports to get in. Eleven assassins, including one woman, were captured on multiple security cameras. Photos of the eleven suspects have been published in major newspapers around the globe.

The event has severely embarrassed Israeli allies the United States and the United Kingdom. Making a mockery of the military aid we give Israel.

Robert Frisk talks about the events.

[youtube 0c5VSAb0ol8]