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Atlanta's black community engages in open virulent bigotry against white people after dance competition.

A white sorority from Arkansas beat a number of black sororities in a dance competition in Atlanta. The competition was sponsored by Sprite of the Coca-Cola company and the winners were to receive $100k worth of scholarships.

Immediately after the competition black columnists screamed “racism.” Black internet users have posted thousands of messages on YouTube and other websites complaining that whites had won the mostly black competition. Many complained that a white team was even allowed to compete, and demanded that future competitions be “black only.”

Well, screaming and complaining about made up slights pays off apparently. To appease the black community Coca-Cola has retroactively named the second place team as a “co 1st place winner.” The black sorority that came in second had their prize scholarships upgraded to equal the amount given to the white sorority from Arkansas.

The actions by Coke sends the message that throwing a temper tantrum is an effective and practical way to get what you want, especially if you happen to be black.

From Associated Press…

Visit any of the nation’s more than 100 historically black colleges or universities and you’ll see clusters of men and women engaged in the rhythmic clapping and foot stomping routines known in black Greek circles as “stepping.”

Now a white Arkansas team’s win in an Atlanta step competition has started a fiery debate over the African-inspired tradition and whether the integration of a once-ethnically exclusive activity constitutes a form of cultural theft.

The Associated Press actually syndicated a column nationwide that suggests that white people performing in the competition constitutes “cultural theft.”

Imagine if the races were reversed. Imagine that the AP ran a column suggesting that black people in a ballroom dancing competition was “cultural theft.” Imagine if they said a black orchestra was “cultural theft.” Imagine if it was suggested that black rappers were performing “cultural theft” from the French Troubadours. Or black blues guitarists were performing “cultural theft” against British and Irish folk music which used the same chord progressions and scales for over a thousand years.

The screams of “racism” would be unbearable!