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Boise State University "Cultural Center Director" is a vicious anti-white bigot.

Ro Parker is employed by Boise State University to “raise awareness of marginalized groups, white privilege, identity and oppression.” Her job description itself is anti-white. “White privilege” is an absurd and insulting concept that claims white people are oppressing non-whites even if they don’t know it.

However, it has become clear that Ro Parker is a vicious anti-white bigot by her own personal website. It contains a photo that says “shut the $%^& up, whiteboy.” Two black women are screaming at a white man who is holding up his hands in a surrender like gesture.

The illustration was printed on handouts that were anonymously distributed across campus. Campus outcry soon followed. Student Senate President Pro Tempore Justin White explained his reaction simply: “I am siding with students. Content reflects personal opinion. Teachers get fired for this.”

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