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Captain America fights TEA Party activists in new issue.

Forget any real threat to America, the ultra left-wing Marvel comics portrays Captain America keeping the US safe from TEA Parties.


Many here on RedState participated in Tea Party protests, much to the chagrin of the mainstream media, the Obama administration, and the usual cadre of leftist blowhards. Tea Party participants have been maligned with gross sexual innuendos (e.g. “tea baggers”) and have been labeled with the typical (yawn!) leftist straw man attacks . . . tea party activists are racist; they’re dumb (as in, “you guys just don’t understand that the government only has your best interests in mind!”); they’re knuckle dragging, separatist militia types; etc.

Well now, we can add comic book hero Captain America to the list of those who are casting a suspicious eye toward Tea Party activists; yes, the same Captain America who fought Nazis and the uber-villainous Red Skull. In a recent issue of Marvel Comics’ Captain America series, the ultimate red, white, and blue hero is busy investigating (obviously at great peril) the latest threat to national security . . . you. Forget about Islamic terrorists and all that 9-11 stuff. The real danger to the Obama, hopey-changey socialistic utopia is none other than you. And, Captain America is going to do something about it! By the way, Captain America also thinks you’re a racist.