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Desperate California Senate bans "free parking" at all city, county, and state properties. Makes parking lots more costly for private businesses.

Massive illegal immigration and socialist policies have left California bankrupt and desperate for any way to raise cash.

The State Senate passed a ruthless bill that calls for banning all “free parking” at government entities.

Under the guise of “stopping global warming,” citizens of California will not be able to park in front of any government entity for free or even at a “subsidized” rate.

Believe it or not this bill actually would legally require city, county, and state entities to charge the maximum rate possible.

Actual text from bill:

Install parking meters in areas with parking occupancy rates of greater than 85% and establish meter rates such that parking availability improves to 85% or better.

In other words, if the parking lot stays too full, the entity would be legally required to raise the meter rate!

This insane bill set maximum numbers of parking spaces that be included in new parking lots. In other words, newly constructed businesses will be limited to the number of parking spaces they can have! It also increases business owner’s property tax based on how many parking spaces they have.

This should be called the “Let’s Drive More People and More Businesses Out of Our State” Act.

The bill was authored by radical left-wing screwball Alan Lowenthal. His main claim to fame is being a spokesman for electric car conspiracy theorists. (Of course the real reason for this bill passing is to raise money). Lowenthal says that there is a conspiracy to suppress electric cars. Of course this wack job will have to give up his theories now that Chevrolet, and Lada (Leading Russian Car Co.) have electric cars in production. Nissan and others are preparing to make electric cars as well. By 2012 hundreds of thousands of electric cars will be available for sale worldwide. I guess the socialist loons like Lowenthal will have to shift gears and declare war on global cooling at that time.

Lowenthal plans to run for Lt. Governor of California in 2010.

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