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Gumbel denounces winter Olympics over the lack of Negro athletes.

Gumbel, a Mulatto newscaster, lets loose his hatred for white people in a diatribe about the winter Olympics. Comparing the winter Olympics to the “GOP Convention.” In other words, any sport without gratuitously large numbers of Negros is worthy of denigration instead of praise.

[liveleak 826_1266104843] would like to remind Gumbel that with the exception of sprinting, Negroes are largely absent from a majority of summer Olympic events as well. In fact white people won gold medals in great disproportion to their percentage of the world’s population all across the board in the 2008 Olympics. Even the Italians (Italy and Argentina) can hold their own against Negro teams in basketball. In the 2004 Summer Olympics, America’s basketball team had all black starting line up. It was beaten by Lithuania’s all white team and Argentina’s team with only one black in the starting line up. Italy’s all white team won the silver medal and Argentina won the gold.