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Jackson finally goes to trial for brutal murder.

Jackson spent his whole life being a thug and committing crimes. Yet, instead of keeping him in prison he was released and allegedly committed even worse crimes the second time around.


More than three years after a worker at an Orange Park animal clinic was killed, her accused killer is now going on trial.

Lawyers are picking a jury to hear the case against 39-year-old Michael Jackson. Jackson is a registered sex offender who spent 20 years in prison for raping a teenager in the 1980s.

Prosecutors said Jackson raped and killed 25-year-old Andrea Boyer in January 2007 around the time she showed up for work at the clinic.

“I think about her every morning when I walk in the gate,” said Dr. Michal Harris, who worked with Boyer. “I can still see her sitting on the little stoop where my dogs used to run up and say hello to her every single morning. So she’ll always be with us.”