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"Jersey Shore" cast not really Italian.

An MTV “reality show” that depicts New Jersey “Guidos,” claims the cast is “100% Italian.” Italian groups have been speaking out against the show for being offensive. The shows most offensive characters do not even look Italian and it turns out they aren’t. What do you expect from a network run by Samuel Rothstein that has been vilifying white people and promoting multiculturalism since 1981.

At least two of the characters are 0% Italian. The shows’ most notorious character, Snookie is from Chile. According to gossip magazines she is of mixed Caucasian and Amerindian ancestry and has no Italian blood. The character JWoww is half Irish and half Latino. The character “Situation” is half Italian and half Latino.

It has also been reported in the gossip pages that most of the characters are not even from New Jersey either.

The so-called “reality stars” receive $10,000 each per episode.