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Left-wing IMPLODING, turning on each other on UC campuses.

The left-wing can not survive their own diversity!

On large college campuses extreme left-wing thugs routinely gather and shout hysterically at conservative events to suppress the free speech of people they don’t like. But, now these same left-wing thugs are turning on their own “handlers.”

At UC Irvine, left-wing students packed into a hall and screamed and yelled at the Israeli ambassador. has been reporting on the growing animosity in left-wing ranks between ethnic Jews and anti-Israel leftists. On one hand, the Israeli media reports that 80% of American Jews voted for Obama. Jewish people in the US provide a disproportionately large number of funding and leadership for the American left. However, a phenomenon has come about where young leftists have picked Israel as the new international “racist state” that should be fought against. A while back, the Boston Globe held a survey on attitudes towards Jews. The left-wing globe admitted that Democrats were far more likely to harbor negative opinions of Jews than Republicans or Independents.

Sean Hannity and others predicted that Jews would defect to the the Republican camp in huge numbers to keep Obama from becoming president. Instead, most exit polls show that Jews voted for Obama in even higher numbers than for Gore or Kerry.

Jewish leftists and anti-Israel leftists have been on a collision course for the past few years, and the recent event at UC Irvine just turned it into a full fledged crisis in the left-wing.

Note: Only a portion of the students protesting the Israeli ambassador are Muslim. Leftists of various races can be seen screaming in the crowd.

[youtube 7w96UR79TBw]

At UC San Diego, blacks and other minorities declared a “Racial State of Emergency.” A group of mostly black students submitted a thirty two item, four page list of demands to the University’s administrators, and them screamed hysterically at administrators and held chants outside the administrators’ offices. They claim that they are victimized and the administrators are “too slow” in groveling and pandering to their childish demands.

Keep in mind that most of these black students are receiving all kinds of special minority scholarships, and UC bends over backwards to appease minority students to begin with. The very people that the black students are screaming at are white liberals and other minorities. People who spend their lives dreaming up ways to recruit higher numbers of blacks and make campus life easy for them.

One of the demands is that all white freshmen would be required to take a class on “minority sensitivity” brainwashing. Another demand is freezing the funds for a student tv station, to which the University has already complied. The ringleaders claim that whites on the campus tv station denigrated blacks, because of a show lampooning “ghetto culture.” Never mind that white people are denigrated every night on national tv. The ringleader is someone going by the name “Baye Kes Ba Me Ra” of the Pan African Association of America.

These black students, despite all the minority pandering, claim they are still victims and demand censorship and Orwellian brainwashing classes.

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