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Left-wing implosion: ADL gives Obama a "C-" on performance.

The extreme left-wing Anti-Defamation League (which takes in $50 million a year by defaming conservatives), has given Obama an “F.” This story highlights how unity in the American left-wing is collapsing.

Photo Right: While claiming to represent the interests of “Jewish People,” the ADL is mostly run by atheists who are only ethnic Jews, not adherents to Judaism. The group always supports the extreme left and is openly hostile to Christianity. The ADL says its participation in the supreme court case to ban prayer in school as its “greatest accomplishment.” The ADL makes censorship software that blocks conservative websites. The CofCC filed a Federal Lawsuit in St. Louis a few years back to keep this software out of public libraries.


Two-and-a-half weeks after US President Barack Obama completed his first year in office, observers both in Israel and the US on Sunday gave his Middle East policy largely failing grades for efficacy.

“Since there are no prospects of talks on the horizon, and in many ways what their efforts wrought was a wasted year without any negotiations, I believe the administration deserves an ‘F’ for failure to deliver on results,” Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman told the ADL’s National Executive Committee.

In contrast, Foxman said that Obama deserved a “solid A for his efforts” after “he tried very hard in his first year to bring the parties together with good intentions.”

On strategy, Foxman rated the administration’s performance a “C-minus,” after “the administration… focused on trying to speed up the process toward peace, and is now questioning its own strategy.”

Among the strategic errors cited by Foxman were “unrealistic expectations” and heavy-handed focus on Israeli settlement policy.

Foxman is a Washington insider who has been close to several presidents and has acted as a frequent emissary between the White House and the Prime Minister’s Office behind the scenes over the past few decades.

In Israel, representatives of parties on both extremes of the political spectrum tended to award grades similar to Foxman’s

MK Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List) gave Obama a failing grade for results, a middling grade for strategy and a medium-to-high grade for intent.

“There is no doubt that there is a great gap between the hopes and the results,” explained Tibi.

“Obama’s speech in Cairo [in June] brought hope to many in the Middle East,” continued the MK, who at the time, wrote an article for a Hebrew-language daily in which he expressed optimism that Obama’s “perspective and alternative world view” would lead to a change in US policy.

But in the ensuing months, said Tibi, Obama failed to live up to expectations.