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"Mainstream" media scrambles to explain why Chileans aren't going bonkers like the Haitians.

Chile experienced an earthquake that was about 80 times stronger than Haiti. Yet, Chileans are not rioting, not beating each other in the streets, and not attacking food distribution points. The Chileans are providing their own rescue services, their own medical care, and their own relief efforts.

You may have noticed that the “Disingenuous White Liberals” who wailed about Haiti’s misfortune have been silent on Chile.  Now, the public is questioning why the Haitians behaved so badly and the Chileans aren’t. The media wants you to believe everything but the obvious.

Chile is about 53% Caucasian and 47% Mestizo or Amerindian. Haiti is nearly 100% Negro. Until there is an open and honest debate of race, there will never be any real progress in race relations.

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Note: We could also point out that the Chilean government doesn’t have to lie about the death toll either. After the Haitian earthquake international agencies estimated the death toll at 10-25K. Over the next few weeks the Haitian government figured out that higher death toll = more foreign aid. The Haitian government began claiming that 100k were dead. Then 200k. Now the Haitian government has upped it to 230k in order to surpass the Asian Tsunami death toll. In reality the Haitian government is beyond incompetent and literally has no idea what the death toll really is.