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NBA to post $400 million loss.

Is the all black NBA “thug culture” to blame for declining revenue?

From YahooNews

David Stern said Saturday the NBA is projecting league-wide losses of about $400 million this season and has lost hundreds of millions in each previous year of the current collective bargaining agreement.

The commissioner said it has shown the players’ association those numbers in hopes of demonstrating why the league feels it needs “significant changes” in the next deal.

The NBA’s first proposal for a deal to replace the one that expires on July 1, 2011, was thrown out Friday after what players association director Billy Hunter called a “contentious” 90-minute meeting. Hunter said the proposal called for harsh changes that would affect every NBA player.

The NBA players are about 85% black and the league has been cultivating an all black image for years. Despite this, the left-wing Associated Press actually had the audacity to run the headline “NBA gets high marks for diversity” last June.