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Census is "racist" says race hustlers.

It’s official. The professional race hustlers can’t find any instances of real mistreatment of blacks anywhere. So much so that serving Fried Chicken on MLK Day and using the word “Negro” are the new “racism.” The cries of “racism” by these professional agitator/hustlers have gone from silly to nauseating!

On the 2010 Census there is an option to declare yourself as “Black, African American or Negro.”

“RACIST! RACIST! CALL THE POLICE!” cry the hustlers. For they now say that “Negro” is “offensive.” Never mind the “United Negro College Fund,” “Universal Negro Self-Improvement Association,” and “National Council of Negro Women.” Also terms like “Negro Spirituals,” and other usage are still common.

The fact is that “Negro” has never had negative connotations, while the word “black” was considered a derogatory term in the in the 19th and early 20th Century.

On the 2000 Census, 50,000 people wrote in “Negro” on the form under “other race.” This demonstrates that the word is still in wide use.

The race hustlers can’t find any real grievances and have to make up absurd complaints to stay in business.

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