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Obama's newly created "governor's council" could be used to wage war on state rights.

Obama created what he calls a “governor’s council” via executive order. No one ever voted on this expansion of the Federal Government.

The following governors have been appointed by Obama to be a sort of overlord for their region. The appointments match up closely to the ten “Federal Districts.” District created by Richard Nixon at the request of the United Nations. One of the appointments is the Governor of Puerto Rico, not even a state!

Governor James H. Douglas of Vermont – Region 1

Governor Luis Fortuna of Puerto Rico – Region 2

Governor Robert McDonnell of Virginia – Region 3

Governor Beverly Eaves Purdue of North Carolina – Region 4

Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma – Region 6

Governor Jeremiah Nixon of Missouri – Region 7

Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota – Region 8

Governor Janice Brewer of Arizona – Region 9

Governor Chris Gregoire of Washington – Region 10

Governor Martin O’Malley of Maryland – Region 3

Note: Federal District 5 is not represented.


Los Angeles Times blogger Andrew Malcolm poked fun at the announcement, writing Obama “has determined that, a) there is an insufficient number of advisory bodies among the gazillion already in existence for the federal government in general and said president and his White House specifically.”

Obama also, Malcolm said, “chooses to ignore the existence of the National Governors Assn., the Republican Governors Assn., the Democratic Governors Assn. and the secure telephones
within arms-reach of virtually everywhere said president chooses to sit and/or recline.”

Ultimately, he said, Obama has decided, “One more meaningless advisory body probably couldn’t hurt anything, and might actually look good.”

At Canada Free Press, commentary writer Judi McLeod said, “Like the 30-plus czars running America with neither the people’s nor the Congress’s blessings, the Council of Governors is already a done deal.”

Blogger Nicholas Contompasis suggested it was the “first step towards martial law in America” because it sets up the “use of federal troops and the combination of state and federal agencies under the Defense Department.”

Participants on his forum page said the order appears to be in defiance of posse comitatus, which restricts U.S. military action within the United States. One contributor noted the order talks about “hazards” but then addresses only military hazards.

“The very notion of the executive branch (good intentions or not) issuing executive orders/presidential directives that apply to anything or anyone not specifically within the executive branch is tyrannical,” the forum participant said.