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Ole Miss Hates Southerners.

Colonel Reb

At Ole Miss, the hatred for their own people is getting worse every year. They banned their mascot, Colonel Reb, several years ago, because he was a symbol of the hated South. Then they went further:

The university has taken other steps in recent years to throw off what many perceive as lingering reminders of a Confederate past. Last year, the band stopped playing the fight song, From Dixie With Love, to discourage fans from chanting, “the South will rise again.”

All this follows the 1997 decision to quit flying the Confederate flag at games. Since Colonel Reb got dumped, the school has been without a mascot. The other day they held a vote to see if they should get a new one. Traditionalists were hoping for a no vote, that the Ole Miss community would send a message – if we can’t have Colonel Reb, we don’t want any mascot. But they lost.

And guess who’s one of the big players in the anti-Colonel Reb movement?

Collins Tuohy, a recent graduate interviewed a few days before the vote, said her parents recognized the need for the change when they attended the school.

“My dad was an athlete and my mom was a cheerleader. They saw firsthand that the flag and Colonel Reb were having an effect on people,” she said of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, who are depicted in the Oscar-nominated film, The Blind Side

Tune in to TPC this Saturday night, when we’ll be discussing this anti-Southern hatred at length. It’s cultural genocide, plain and simple, and we can’t allow this to continue.

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