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One half of all immigrant families on welfare!

Across America, every state, county, and city is going bankrupt. The state in the worst shape is California which is now 58% non-white.

Welfare, free health care, and other public services to immigrants is pushing America to the brink. Instead of closing the border, Obama recently issued a back door amnesty for illegal aliens from Haiti. Even releasing Haitian illegal aliens from detention centers who have already been convicted of crimes in the United States!

From NumbersUSA

Approximately 1/2 of immigrant households (both legal and illegal) with kids access welfare services, primarily food and Medicaid. Many argue that immigration is a social issue, but it’s a fiscal issue as well. Sign our petitionurging Pres. Obama, Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid to stop expanding our welfare system through high immigration numbers.

The immigrant population has grown by an average of 1.3 million per year since 2000, plus an additional 1 million new births in those households. That’s 23 million new people every decade, and HALF of all immigrant families are using welfare, especially food and Medicaid welfare! This includes illegal AND legal immigrants. See Roy’s blog to read the whole ugly story.

Pres. Obama has pledged to reduce our deficits, so isn’t this a good time to send hundreds of thousands of petitions to him, Reid and Pelosi suggesting a suspension of most immigration that is driving those deficits up?

Sign our petition NOW and then send it to your friends and family. If your on Facebook or Twitter, please share the link to help get the message to Washington!