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Organizer of "racist" UC party was BLACK! Another "hate crime hoax." Media censoring the truth.

We have seen the image of black students screaming hysterically and claiming that a “racist” party has created a “hostile environment” and made “black students fear for their safety.”

Here is the part the media has been hiding from you! The party was organized by a black man! A black comedian who goes by the stage name “Jigaboo Jones.” Photo at right.

From WorldNetDaily…

Last week a party – the Compton Cookout – was held off-campus near the University of California San Diego, and the firestorm it has created has been massive: Protest marches, teach-ins, protesters who walked out of the teach-ins and campus investigations have ensued. The administration for its part immediately placed blame on perpetrators they believed to be responsible – a so-called white fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.

Many have cited, with outrage, the Facebook Compton Cookout invitation urging males to wear “straight up jerseys” or a “White T (size XXXL smallest acceptable).” Females were asked to come as “ghetto chicks” who “don’t speak well, have short, nappy hair” and “usually have gold teeth, start fights and drama, and wear cheap clothes.”

The rest of the invitation went on to describe the location of the party and the food and drinks available, such as chicken and watermelon.

Despite the denials by Pi Kappa Alpha that they were not behind the cookout, the blame remains on PKA and its white members. Garron Engstrom, chapter president of the Pi Kappa Alpha, said, “The fraternity regrets the display of ignorance and error of judgment made by any individual members who may have attended or were associated via social media with the racially offensive party.” The administration continued its Mike Nifong-like prosecution of anyone white who may have attended the event.

The truth was finally revealed on my radio show last night when the true organizer, a self-described “black, crime comedian” named Jiggaboo Jones claimed responsibility for the event. In fact, Mr. Jones disclosed that similar parties have been held in past years going back as far as 2005. Mr. Jones further stated that he recently hosted a similar event with an even raunchier title at UNLV just a few days ago.

I am the only person on the national stage who has given Mr. Jones the chance to tell his side of the story, to claim responsibility for the Compton Cookout. Mr. Jones disclosed on my program that he attempted to contact UCSD administration and the local San Diego news media to claim the event and was rebuffed at every turn. Clearly, the administration, the San Diego Union Tribune and the PC Mafia have their perpetrators, just like Mike Nifong did at Duke.