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Palestinian gubernatorial candidate in Texas campaigns by insulting white people.

A multi-millionaire Palestinian immigrant, who makes hair care products, is running for Texas governor by trying to build a non-white coalition. Farouk Shami, who claims to be an atheist, has repeatedly made derogatory comments about white people on Texas radio stations while reaching out to blacks, Latinos, and Asians.

Shami, says he does not like to hire white people in his factories and claims “blacks and Hispanic make better workers.”

At a Democratic fund raiser, Shami declared “the time for only the white man in office is over.” Shami is possibly the most high profile candidate ever to run as an explicitly anti-white candidate. Shami also is running campaign commercials in multiple foreign languages. His message seems to be that all non-whites should join together to stick it to the white man.

Shami also campaigns that he will stop special interest lobbies. However Shami is a board member of a special interest lobby. A pro-Palestine foreign lobbying group called American Task Force in Palestine. A Palestinian version of AIPAC.

Shami has given $10 million to his own campaign fund.

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