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Rival immigrant groups fight it out in Milan.

A while back we brought you stories and video about a full scale race war erupting in Lisbon, Portugal. Gypsies, Arabs, North Africans , and Negroes were killing each other randomly in the streets over control of Lisbon’s immigrant ghettos.

A similar situation threatens to tear apart Milan, Italy. However, there is a difference. The Italians are fighting back. Rather than puking out diatribes about the fictional benefits of “diversity,” Italians are overwhelmingly demanding the thugs be tossed out.

Photo: Thugs from North Africa rioting in Milan after a fellow ethnic is murdered by a gang of South American Latino immigrants.

From UK Telegraph

The trouble began on Saturday after a 19-year-old was killed by a group of immigrants from South America following an argument on a bus.

The North Africans, most of them Egyptian, then went on a rampage in the northeastern area of Via Padova, attacking shops and businesses owned by immigrants from Peru, Ecuador and other South American countries.

Milan’s deputy mayor, Riccardo De Corato, said the violence had turned the area into a “Wild West between North African and South American gangs”.

Milan’s authorities said they would start checking people’s documents in the city’s most racially diverse neighbourhoods in order to root out illegal immigrants.

Milan’s deputy mayor, Riccardo De Corato, said officials would go from building to building in areas where immigrants live. Half of the 46 immigrants picked up by police on Saturday night had been found to be in Italy illegally, he said.

The Northern League, a right-wing, anti-immigrant party within prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right coalition, called for the immigrants responsible for the violence to be expelled. One member of the League, MEP Matteo Salvini, called for “expulsions house by house, floor by floor”.